SMTP: Knowing Your SMTP Server

Normally, people want to know what their SMTP server is whenever they need to establish an email client. Domain name usually appears in the form of or But this is not always the case. This is why it is important that you know SMTP server. Before listing the various SMTP server, it will be good that I explain what it is and its functions.

What are SMTP and its function?

The first point to mention here is that SMTP server comes into play when emails are being transmitted from one server to another. No email can be sent without a professional SMTP server. Fully known as simple mail transfer protocol, SMTP is a protocol through which emails are transmitted from one server to another. It normally works with POP3 or IMAP or both because it cannot line up messages at the receiving end. The other two protocols make it possible for the user to save and download messages in a server mailbox occasionally. Put differently, SMTP program is utilised by users to send emails while the other two protocols, POP3 and IMAP are utilised by users to receive emails.

Furthermore, the sending of emails with SMTP occurs between the mail client and a mail server. Messages are sent to a mail server via a mail client. Given this, when you are setting your email application, you have to indicate not just the SMTP server but POP or IMAP server. SMTP is designed to work through the internet port 25. It is good to note that SMTP is not the only protocol that is utilised in the sending of emails. For example, many people in Europe make use of X.400 instead of the simple mail transfer protocol. ESMTP which is an acronym for an extended simple mail transfer protocol is now supported by many servers. This protocol makes it possible for users to send multimedia files as emails.

Now that you have known what SMTP server is and how it functions, it is time to tell you what your email SMTP is. The names of many servers are written like or For example, the SMTP server of an account belonging to gmail will be written as However, this is not always the case as some are not written in this manner.

Note that you can only be sure that your emails will be transferred correctly if you have a professional SMTP buy. Bulk emails are normally sent by a dedicated outgoing service such as turboSMTP.

The list below shows the various email providers, their domain setting and the URL of their websites.


Mail.btconnect.tom BT Connect Comcast Earthlink


Gmail Gmx HotPop Libero Lycos O2 Orange (former Hotmail) Tin Tiscali Verizon Virgin Wanadoo Yahoo